Day 49: Always grateful for my riding lessons. Walker and I click really well. So happy to be able to do the things I love to do.
Day 50: Aubrey Grayce and I shopping with my mom and dad. GRATEFUL!!

Day 51: Tonight was the area’s American Advertising Awards Gala. So grateful to be part of such a creative group of people. My daughter and her bestie, as production designers on an invitation we worked on. They were thrilled to be honored at such a grownup event. A winner in every aspect tonight. Family, friends, career and personal life. A few images from the night…


Day 52: A silly thing to be grateful for, but grateful none the less. My dad picked up some new windshield wipers for me today. They are amazing. Really. Completely noiseless. I couldn’t believe it. My wipers have never been noiseless. #amazedbythelittlethings.