It’s been over two weeks since I posted gratitude days. In the last 2 weeks I traveled to La Vegas for the WPPI photography conference, missed the second major ice storm and came home to a small injury from my daughter. 15 days. I can give you 15 things I’m grateful for…in no particular order!!!
flying safely to Vegas

getting to visit my cousin at Nellis Air Force Base

getting to watch the Thunder Birds practice

Winning a silver award for a print at WPPI

shopping at a very cool thrift shop and scoring!!

being able to visit two dear photography friends….one whom I haven’t seen in years.

paying 269.00 instead of 750.00 for a new phone.

getting to see my first Vegas show

visiting Red Rock Canyon

photographing my beautiful cousin’s 16 year old daughter (2nd cousin?)

flying safely home to melted ice

thrilled to pick up my kids

grateful for my routine of mom stuff, barn stuff, school stuff and home stuff

even more grateful that my daughter did not do more damage to her hand/finger than she did

and number 15…happy that i got caught up on my 365 days of gratitude when i could have so easily quit since i was behind. woot!