365 Days of Gratitude. Day 41 & 42

Day 41 & 42: RIP dear Felix. Your passing was unexpected, thank you for bringing such joy into our lives for 12 years. You will be missed kittycat.



365 Days of Gratitude. Day 40

Day 40: Grateful for a wise child who wonders if the reason children have pets is to teach them to live and to loveā€”and then prepare them for the possibility of loss. Here’s hoping to a healthy outcome tomorrow. Image

365 Days of Gratitude. Day 35

Day 35: Grateful for my gift. It may seem to others that my gift is to make them feel comfortable enough to trust in my abilities as a photographer…but it’s truly the other way around. No matter how old. No matter who they are. No matter where they are in their lives. Beauty is a gift everyone has.