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There were too just many to post from 2013. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 30. I doubled (at least!) my images from 2012 so I feel justified in the 30 chosen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my clients, models, friends, family, parents, seniors, tutus, brides, new moms and of course, the horses.

30#30 Taken with my bestest photography pals, Marie and Mary. This shot was a 3 a.m.-er in our quest to study starry skies (in Portland) and how to properly photograph starry skies (in Marryhill, Washington) camping in a renovated-cool-as-all -get-out airstream.

29#29 is my good friend Carmen’s daughter. This child could wear a potato sack and turn on the high fashion every time I click. From the Tutu Couture sessions.

28#28 This Mississippi beauty needed a last minute Senior session this year. When asked if she had a big flowy dress, her mom ran to get her vintage prom dress. In the meantime, me and my assistant (thanks Steph!) searched for the perfect steps!

27#27 is another from a Tutu Couture session. This little darling was just under 2. Clearly there is a reason for my age limits. However, if I had stuck to them, I would have missed this little gem.

26#26 Her name is Diamond. Volleyball superstar and a senior model who ROCKED this graffiti wall like no other.

25#25 You will see Olivia again. She made it a couple of times into my countdown. She was so up for anything. I saw the window, ignored the No Trespassing sign and this senior braved the abandoned building for this stellar shot.

24#24 I love shooting couples. Seriously, look at this shot. Weddings, however make me nervous. But when this bride and her mom teamed up on me and offered not only an incredible barn venue (see Heartwood Hall in Memphis) and a personal photo tour of Seattle and the Cascades for their engagements, who am I to say no? I’m no dummy.

23#23 Did I mention weddings made me nervous? This couple also offered me a barn + horses + dogs! You’ll see their steamy engagements later on in the countdown.

22#22 Everyone should have a tutu party. I dare you to put one on and not have a party face!!!

21#21 A much quieter Tutu Couture session. A heavenly shot. I am forever grateful for each and every mom that had their daughter photographed in my tutus. You can see why.

20#20 No words.

19#19 I have a fan club. A small, loyal group of photography gals from Mississippi whom I adore. They lavish me with endless models, hair, makeup and stunning locations. Most of all they lavish me with the most awesome friendships.

18#18 This senior melted right into these flowers. No art direction needed. Bam. we got the shot.

17#17 I’ve been wanting to photograph a model in a beautiful river for months. When senior Jessie and her awesome mom took me to their farm for location scouting, I ’bout died when they showed me this.

16#16 Sweet sixteen. Something new for me this past year. Newborn photography is an art in itself and must be taken from 5-15 days old. I’ve had the honor of photographing his mom and dad’s engagements, his mom’s bridals, his parents wedding and his mom’s maternity images. I totally get choked up thinking about that. Thanks guys.

15#15 Hello handsome. This Arabian stallion posed for me in California with host and fabulous photographer friend April (see http://www.aprilvisel.com). I am indeed a lucky girl.

14#14 Oh how I love this photo. It shows Senior-itis at it’s best. We were in route to a scheduled location and I couldn’t pass up this field of yellow. We jumped out of our cars, hoped for no fence and took our best shots. Awesomeness is not always planned.

13#13 The image that launched Tutu Couture. This is my daughter, the perfect model in every situation. Being silly in one of the tutus I made (originally for a maternity shoot that never happened due to an early arrival for one of the expecting sisters!) I loved how she lit up when she tried it on so I snapped a few images in my garage, uploaded to FB to show her (and my handiwork!) off. The rest is hisTUTUry.

12#12 Olivia in a front porch bed swing, adorned with a halo of flowers in a beautiful white gown. Yeah, my seniors are stunning.

11#11 I am absolutely in love with this image. I’ve been wanting to photograph Johnna for awhile and was over the moon when we finally got to shoot. This woman is a fierce barrel racing competitor, savvy business woman, awesome mom and one of the most sincere women I know.

10#10 Some like it hot. Ok, while I’m not ‘that kind of photographer’, I love when couples genuinely steam it up as if I’m not even there for engagement shoots.

9#9 I love love love this image. I love her hair, I love her dress, I love her interaction with the stallion, I love the light, I love the processing. And I love that Friesian.

8#8 Hmmmmm…I’m noticing how my top 10 include the ponies…A favorite California model and her horse. I’ve photographed them many times, and they raise the bar each and ever time.

7#7 The setup: Vintage leather corset, made the tulle skirt ON the fabulous model, found authentic Spanish whip in the tack room, working horse in the background. I love it when it all comes together.

6#6 See why I like photographing horsey people? Engagement photo of the YEAR baby!

5#5 This image is all over my marketing materials. Sporting a new hairdo and pedicure, Sophia graced the #1 spot of my 2011 countdown. If I’m lucky, I bet she shows up in 2014 too.

4#4 A band of white horses. In the dust. Backlit. Calendar material people. (available on lulu.com http://www.lulu.com/shop/kim-vickrey/2014-horses-by-kim-vickrey/calendar/product-21325163.html) Shameless plug.

3#3 An afterthought. Wrapping up a workshop with models and I didn’t have one of my daughter that spoke to me. This one screamed at me. Part of my fan club of Mississippi gals who made it possible through brainstorming, providing astonishing costumes, hair and makeup and total divine intervention on our weather. Oh and did I mention the FOOD they make for us. I hope to be a part of a 2014 gathering!!!!

2#2 What do you get when you put cowgirls and cowboys together for the first time meeting at a photo shoot? Lots of ridin’ and giggles’, showin out and one up’n, face blushing and phone numbers passed around. And at the end of the day, we got this. Yeah. Ain’t it grand to be young?

1#1 And my top image choice from 2013 belongs to jumping for joy senior Olivia. We scouted for the best light all around Rowan Oak (William Faulkner’s home in Oxford, Mississippi). Turned around and it was right there. Seems it had always been there all along as artists (author’s included!) find if they only look.

My 2014 best wishes for you. For me it will be much like last year with even more sessions booked if I’m fortunate. Some charitable sessions would be a personal goal of mine. I see a year of more fabulous seniors, beautiful women who want to look as beautiful as they really are, their daughters in tutus, engagements, and yes even weddings if the venue fits. And of course the horses. Always the horses. Please subscribe to my blog, comment, share. It all grows interest and I never know where that might lead me, but I need your help in the sharing. Love to you all and a Happy Happy New Year to you and your beautiful families from me and my beautiful family. ~Kim